Our Core Issue: Investing in American Infrastructure

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Americans need aggressive investment in a modernized infrastructure to help revitalize our economy and communities.

Rebuilding not only our physical infrastructure – like crumbling roads, bridges, ports and waterways – but also the social infrastructure of our schools, communications networks and public health services will both make us safer and put people back to work.

Done right, this will also create long-term economic resiliency as we use American-made materials, invest in our domestic supply chains, build on American ingenuity and provide a secure economic base for generations to come.

Good for jobs

American jobs depend on the strength of our infrastructure. For the hundreds of thousands of USW members in manufacturing, the quality of our transportation networks impacts our ability to get raw materials into our facilities and move finished products out to customers.

Investing in technologies to make our industries more efficient allows us to be more competitive over time. Dependable water and sewer systems, state-of-the-art schools, and robust public health systems also create opportunities for stable, quality, service-oriented jobs.

As much of our infrastructure nears the end of its useful life, robust investment is our only option.

Strong supply chains key

The pandemic provided stark examples of how decades of outsourcing and offshoring left us without the ability to produce many of the goods we need when disasters occur. We must address these vulnerabilities.

If we use our taxpayer dollars to boost U.S. jobs and businesses when we invest in infrastructure, we build strong supply chains in the process. This helps create good jobs now and makes us safer in the future.

USW members ready

Highly-skilled USW members in every corner of our union stand at the ready to supply the goods and services needed to build up our nation: from those who make the steel, glass, cement, rubber and other building blocks of our infrastructure along with those who make the packaging for them, to those who keep our schools, hospitals, telecommunication networks and other essential services running.

Comprehensive infrastructure investment offers us an opportunity to move our country forward together and to meet tomorrow’s challenges so we can keep our communities strong and our businesses globally competitive.

This will create and maintain millions of good, union-represented jobs, and even more importantly, it will put us on a path toward sustainable economic growth to ensure the nation’s prosperity well into the future.